[etoday] BEAST, ‘IRIS 2’ Third OST released… Yong JunHyung personally participate in production

KBS Drama ‘IRIS 2’ third OST, ‘Black Paradise’ which was sung by the BEAST members was released on 12pm today.

A short preview of the song was played on last 21st as an ending, but it was quick to be a topic.

‘IRIS 2’ third OST ‘Black Paradise’ was produced by Yong JunHyung who has produced Yang Yoseob’s Caffeine while the lyrics were written by lyricist Kim TaeJoo. BEAST further participated by lending their voices in the song.

A representative of ‘IRIS 2’ commented, “BEAST’s ‘Black Paradise’ is a song that has dark, mysterious and fantasy-like elements, hence giving rise to a strongly addictive melody” and, “The gentle piano melody and strong hip hop rhythm has further increased the tension and excitement (of the song)” he expressed.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: etoday


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