[Financial News] Yong JunHyung and other idols’ new release ‘You got some nerves’ spreads on SNS


Yong JunHyung, FeelDog, and LE’s ‘You got some nerves’ is receiving attention among netizens.

Released on the 21st, ‘You got some nerves’ was quick to rise as the #1 most searched keyword on various main portal sites. At the same time, it was recorded on top spots of Melon, Bugs, Mnet and many other music charts.

Meanwhile, ‘You got some nerves’ have spread to various social networking sites (SNS) which includes Twitter, Facebook, me2day just within the release date. The lyrics of ‘You got some nerves’ further became a hot issue among netizens.

In particular, the repetitive and easy-to-follow lyrics have further attracted attention.

Netizens followed with the comments, “It’s really amazing, I’m singing to it subconsciously”, ” ‘어어 어이없네’ is already popular among friends”, “I hate it hate it, but I’m listening to it without knowingly. I’m 어어어 어이없네” and more responses were shown.

Meanwhile, Yong JunHyung was cast as the main lead on Mnet music drama ‘Monstar’ which will have its first episode in early April.

Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Financial News


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