[Interview365] BEAST-4minute-BTOB-G.NA Japan Concert a Success

Cube Entertainment family concert ‘United Cube Concert’ was successfully held in Japan and once again strengthen their position as a global concert brand.

Artists under Cube Entertainment, which include 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon have held the concert, titled ‘2013 United Cube Concert in Yokohama’ in Yokohama Arena on the 21st.

At Yokohama Arena where the event was held, there were long lines outside the arena since early morning. They cosplayed with the distinctive characteristics of each group, made dance covers of each team’s performance and more, giving out an exciting pre-event prior to the concert.

United Cube Concert started with Cube’s rookie, BTOB. They performed ‘WOW’ together with an amazing sound while showing their motivation-filled stage even from the very beginning, drawing big shouts from the audience.

Showing an unlike-rookie performance, BTOB even performed V6’s hit song ‘Feel Your Breeze’ after that, receiving claps from the crowd. The energy-filled stage and BTOB’s skilled Japanese have delivered a happy time with fans. It was hinted that the possibility of growing closer with fans and promoting in Japan is high.

Followed after was Trouble Maker’s cute version, performed by Sungjae and SoHyun, and eventually was taken over by the original sexy performance unit Hyunseung and Hyuna. 2YOON who has concluded promotions after their attempt in country pop recently and BTOB performed ’24/7′ together on one stage.

The baton was then passed to G.NA as she shows her sexy voice in ‘2HOT’, ‘Black and white’ and various hit songs, causing a wave of cheers. G.NA expressed her thoughts in Japanese, “My comeback is soon, but please do support me and do love the Cube family till the end int he future too”.

Roh JiHoon’s solo stage followed after, emancipating his charmful stages with his ballad and dance songs. In particular, Roh JiHoon’s ‘belt dance’ from ‘Punishment’ was verified its popularity through cheers from Japanese fans.


4minute followed after, taking the stage with their strong and sexy charisma in ‘Volume Up’. 4minute’s consistent powerful performance was overwhelmed. Their charismatic dance yet cute Japanese have even further attract attention from Japanese fans.

The last performer was BEAST. They sang their first song ‘Beautiful Night’ while suddenly appearing among the audience. The unbelievable cheers and fanchants has created a BEAST solo-like concert. Through their charisma performance, resonating ballad, and cute dance songs, they have shown a variety of charms, widening the spectrum of the concert.

Cube family then sang Cube theme song ‘Fly So High’. 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon stood on one stage and sang together, presenting a special closing for the 8,000 fans present.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Interview365


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