[10Asia (extract)] Kim Kiri’s recommended songs, 2YOON’s ‘Harvest Moon’ placed first

Recently Kim Kiri, label mate of 4minute, was interviewed by 10Asia. The gagman has recommended 5 albums and 2YOON’s ‘Harvest Moon’ was placed as his number 1 choice.

He revealed, “Many might know 2YOON’s title song ’24/7′, but I want to recommend anyways. Among all the songs in the album, I want to recommend ‘SeSeSe (Feat. Kikaflo). Rather than the title track, I like ‘SeSeSe’ more. It’s a song composed by Jiyoon. Jiyoon-ah, be grateful. (laughs) I played it about twice, and I really like it, so I asked, ‘whose song is this?’ and it turns out to be 2YOON.”

For longer untranslated part of the interview, please do check out the source of the article.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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