[Asia Today] ‘Love and War 2’ Nam JiHyun, “Marriage? I’ll reveal when I have someone that I like”

Nam JiHyun has attended the press conference for KBS 2TV’s ‘Couple’s Clinic Love and War 2’ idol special, while expressing her thoughts on appearing on the show as well as her views on marriage.

On this day, Nam JiHyun revealed, “When I first received the offer to act in ‘Love and War 2’, it’s a fact that I felt the burden.” This was because Season 1 was implanted as a ‘dead-end drama’ about affairs.

She continued, “I was worried but as I read the script, it sounds bright and fun, so my greed grew”, explaining her motivated side for this show.

She followed by stating that ‘Love and War 2’ is different with season 1 in the sense that it talks about various problems among family ties and, “I think that having to participate in a different ‘Love and War’ than the existing one is a good opportunity for me. It seems that I will be able to relate to the show since I’ll be appearing as a 25 year-old,” she added.

In particular, towards the question, “Around when do you think you’ll get married?”, she responded, “Rather than when it is, I feel that with whom is more important. If someone good appears, then I’ll reveal anytime”, which has attracted attention.

Regarding 4minute members towards her acting role, Nam JiHyun expressed, “The members gave them their congratulatory messages” and, “But they forbid me from really marrying. I hope I’ll be showing my good looks only”.

Meanwhile, Nam JiHyun will be acting as SeoYoung, a friend of the main character. The main character, Yoo EunChae (played by Kim Yewon) is a CEO of a shopping mall. SeoYoung,  gives her sincere wishes for the couple’s marriage although having likes for EunChae’s husband Seo MinJae (played by Kim DongJun).

‘Love and War’ 2 is an idol special that plans to portray the disadvantages of early marriages in the 20s that was not known during dating period.

The show is planned to be aired on March 8th at 11.10PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia Today, Star News


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