[Newsen] Yong JunHyung ‘Monstar’, Trouble maker singer in the company

Yong JunHyung has been confirmed for his lead role in ‘Monstar’.

‘Monstar’ is a 12 -episodes music drama that describes about teens facing their usual problems and through music, they recover and grow. Together with music, the lead characters will be showing their passionate look about love, friendship and dreams.

BEAST’s Yong JunHyung cast as the lead male character has further garnered attention. Yong JunHyung is a talented idol singer that even writes and composes for a song. Graduates from AnYang Arts High School, the idol has only shown his impressive acting skills in various music videos. Yong JunHyung who will be facing his first drama challenge will be acting as Yoon SeolChan (윤설찬), a learning yet-to-be singer.

Yoon SeolChan lives with a deep wound and does not easily show his real feelings. Acting as a vocal for representative male group ‘Men In Black’, Yeon SeolChan was sent into probation period by the company after losing his temper and caused trouble. In later part, he managed to come back in a music band, while confronting with some unexpected events.

PD of ‘Monstar’ Yoon HyunGi spoke towards Yong JunHyung’s cast in the drama, “He is a singer idol that has the capability to write and compose, and therefore, he has lots of similarities as the lead character that allows him to  immense himself naturally in the drama. Although this is his first drama, I believe we would be able to meet his unaffected natural acting skills” and, “In particular, he’s keen on acting, so he is really committed on it. You can anticipate his act” he expressed.

‘Monstar’ will start its recording in the end of February and airs its first episode in early April.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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