[Star Today] 4minute’s Kwon SoHyun responded to Lim JooHwan, “Congrats on your discharge. Salute!”

4minute Kwon SoHyun has responded to Lim JooHwan.

On the 16th, Kwon SoHyun wrote on her twitter, “Wow~ Lim JooHwan-nim thank you. Congratulations on your discharge, we’re happy that we could give you strength. Salute”.

Previously, Lim JooWan has ended his 21 months of training in military and held a discharge ceremony in Seoul.

Lim JooHwan revealed on this day, “I always say this on radio broadcast, it’s 4minute. Lately I’m into Sistar, but still, 4minute (is my favorite female group)” and, “I’m really thankful that 4minute gave me strength during my military days”, while expressing his thoughts on discharging.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today




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