[TV Report] BEAST ‘SELCA BOOK’, Hits Best Seller as soon as pre-order starts

BEAST’s ‘SELCA BOOK By BEAST’ has received hot popularity.

On the 13th, idol group BEAST has started pre-orders for BEAST’s photobook, ‘SELCA BOOK By BEAST’.

6 members of BEAST have personally became paparazzis in this photobook. This photobook includes BEAST’s most natural look in their day-to-day activities. With every pictures, each members further gave narrations so that fans could relate to the picture.

With 6 chapters that includes, Unforgettable Moment, A Pleasant Memory, Joyful Days, Happiness Story, Thank You for Everything, Until We Meet Again!, this photobook is filled with around 500 of BEAST’s pictures.

The moment BEAST’s ‘SELCA BOOK” pre-orders started online, it rose to 2nd place as Best Seller on Kyobo Bookstore, further proving the power of the idol group. They have gained attention for maintaining their best seller status for previous goods as well.

Meanwhile, BEAST’s ‘SELCA BOOK’ pre-orders will be closing on the coming 20th of February.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Report


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