[Ilyo Seoul] Brave Brothers, 19-Rated ‘Absurd’ members ‘BEAST Yong JunHyung, FeelDog, LE’ Anticipation ↑

Brave Brothers have revealed the members for his 2013 project, ‘Absurd’.

Representative of Brave Brothers have revealed the 3 members (Yong JunHyung, LE, FeelDog) through their official homepage as well as their official twitter on the 15th afternoon.

In the revealed cover of Absurd, Yong JunHyung (B2ST), LE (EXID), FeelDog (BIGSTAR)’s picture can be seen, together with the date 2013.02.21, which has further attracted attention. The new project group, ‘Absurd’ by producers Brave Brothers will be a 19-rated project, where the music is said to have a strong hip hop sound and has straightforward and profane lyrics.

In particular, Brave Brothers have gathered the 3 most anticipated rappers in the entertainment industry, BEAST’s Yong JunHyung, BIGSTAR’s leader FeelDog and EXID’s leader LE, as the main characters in this project made up of a team of rappers.

All three of them are capable of writing songs, acting and dancing. The collaboration of the three has therefore attracted attention.

Meanwhile, ‘Absurd’ will be released on various online sites on the 21st February at 12PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Ilyo Seoul


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