[enews24] 2YOON, “It’s already the last broadcast, We’re feeling weird… It felt like first broadcast now”

Girl group 4minute’s unit duo 2YOON has expressed their honest thoughts prior to their last broadcast stage.

On the 17th last month, 2YOON released their mini album ‘Harvest Moon’ and started to promote their American Country Pop styled title track ’24/7′ on various broadcast programs. 2YOON will now be ending their promotions with this week’s broadcast.

기사 사진

2YOON members Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon spoke with eNEWS before they put on their performance, “It’s already the last broadcast, to be honest, I’m a little regretful. It seems like 2YOON have yet to show all of our charms, and so there are bits of regret”, she expressed.

Jeon Jiyoon has expressed her sadness with a special description, “I’m feeling weird. It’s like, it’s not the last broadcast, but the first broadcast now. The atmosphere in the waiting room has the ‘first broadcast’s atmosphere(?)’ too.”

She continued, “In a short while, we will be back as 4minute again, so please wait a little while more”, while expressing her satisfaction through this promotion as well as revealing her anticipation to comeback as 4minute.

Meanwhile, 4minute are currently preparing for Yokohama ‘United Cube Concert’, which will happen on the 21st.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24


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