[Elle Girl] 4minute, Nam JiHyun and Kwon SoHyun’s first outing

“This is the first time we have our photoshoot, just the two of us” The team’s leader and maknae, we wonder if the two of them will make a good combination? But the two of them produced some of their interesting and lovely charms. 4minute’s Nam JiHyun and Kwon SoHyun share their very first thoughts.

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EG: I heard that today’s ‘ELLE GIRL’ photoshoot and interview was the first schedule done by only the two of you?
JiHyun: It is true! Just now I’ve asked “SoHyun-ah, have we ever done a schedule (just the two of us) together?” like that. And thinking of it, we never have a schedule with only the two of us, even during broadcasting or promotions. It is really fascinating.

EG: How’s the relationship between the two of you usually? Which area where your preference or style are the same?
JiHyun: The both of us like to go to bookstores. We also buy diaries together. We love to write something or to learn.
SoHyun: Both of us are in charge of the intellectual image of our team. Hehe.

EG: We’re curious as to how you think of each other’s charms.
SoHyun: Eonnie looks feminine but through ‘The Romantic & Idol’, everybody seems to say to have discovered ‘Nam JiHyun’s new charms’. That was eonnie’s real look and she has even more charms when she’s comfortable (with people around).
JiHyun: as for SoHyunnie, she has a chic yet cute dual personality. When she’s in a good mood, she’ll show her aegyo, but she’s really chic on stage. Her face looks young, but her expression’s really….!

EG: Jihyun was recently named the ‘Popular Girl’ in ‘The Romantic & Idol’. Do you feel that you’re popular among male members?
JiHyun: No, I wasn’t confident at first. After debut, I thought that I’m unpopular among the guys. I didn’t have any humor and it wasn’t scripted, so I worried a lot. But the camera was far away, and my natural personality like in my university days came out. Most importantly, I didn’t had any celebrity friends before, but I have some now, so I’m really happy and excited about it. Although we just kept in touch through kakaotalk due to our busy schedules.
SoHyun: Our members take time to be familiar (with other people) and do not usually leave the waiting room. Even when we have nothing to do, we would just play in our dorm. We wanted to grow friendlier with them, but just couldn’t do so.

EG: JiHyun has been active in acting right? How was your experience working with other actors and seniors at an unfamiliar place?
JiHyun: Actually, I tremble too. I heard words of (me) being an ‘awkward actor’ and was hurt mentally, but I’ve gained much. As I work with elder seniors, not only on acting skills, I’ve learned a lot in life too. In particular in ‘A Thousand Kisses’, teacher Lee SunJae was really like a father. There were times where he would point at my pronunciation mistakes, but takes good care of me too, so I’m thankful to him. Also, when I act, I get to focus on things which I don’t usually care about. What expressions should I make with my eyes, nose, and lips.. it was really fun.

EG: How do you spend your time when there’s no schedule?
SoHyun: We couldn’t stay still. So, even if there isn’t any schedule, we would take lessons or go to the practice room. We always make ourselves busy. We will feel stressful if we rest.
JiHyun: We initially stayed in our dorm. When we first debuted with ‘Hot Issue’. we’ve received bad responses and were therefore quite worried about them. As time passes, we’re trying to satisfy them.

EG: What’s the thing that you’re into now? Or what do you want to learn now?
SoHyun: I’m keen in interior designing. I couldn’t touch the dorms. But I’m searching for pictures so that I could decorate my place when I live alone. Also, lately I’m learning guitar, it’s really exciting.
JiHyun: Lately I’m into my brother. He’s serving the military now, but he has received 20 days of holidays. (laughs) The thing I wanted to do the most is sports dance. In university, I had fun dancing to sports dance. In the future, I hope I could appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

EG: Do you remember recently the time where all of the members laughed?
SoHyun: The couple of days in Hong Kong! We’ve played ‘Came Alone’ from ‘Running Man’ with the members and manager oppas. Those who were caught have to put his or her bizarre photo as katalk profile picture for one whole day, it was really fun.
JiHyun: Sohyunnie likes to take photo most of the times. She keeps the most bizarre photos of the members in her handphone. We should be careful of her.

EG: You guys have received much stress for showing some of your image as female idols, right? Are there any part where you’re carefree of what others might think or judge?
JiHyun: No, we’re still frustrating about it. It’s just that we get to know better what should we do, how should we act to remove those worries as compared to before.
SoHyun: I didn’t really pay much attention until ‘Huh’ promotions. I think I’m really paying attention to them now.

EG: If you could live another life for a day, what would you want to do?
JiHyun: A day is too short. Hmm, date publicly? Go on dates freely with the person that I like, eat delicious food, watch movies, without having to care about what people would think.
SoHyun: I want to be a producer in programs. Because from the standpoint that celebrities want to appear on this program and that program, so instead, I want to be a producer and invite people that I like to appear.
JiHyun: Wa, that’s a really fun idea!

EG: Lastly, what do you want to say to each other?
JiHyun: Hwaiting in year 2013! Don’t you have anything to say to me?
SoHyun: Lately we’ve talked a lot since we’re always together most of the times… hehe. Let’s work hard in our exercises, let’s lose weight!

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: ELLE Girl


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