[Hankooki] 4minute health secret…Eels “If the company doesn’t buy for us, then…”

4minute has revealed the secret to their health.

Recently on the recordings of KBS 2TV ‘Vitamin’, participants revealed nutrients and health food that they’ve eaten. 2YOON revealed that they are currently keeping their health by eating multivitamin, Omega 3, yeast, pear juice, pumpkin juice, ginseng and blueberry.

MC Kim YongMan then asked, “2YOON tends to eat more during their busy schedule, but what about the usual times, how do you maintain your health?” and Heo Gayoon revealed, “I’ll eat what my mother gives, because this would maintain our good relationship”, she said while causing laughter on set.

Jeon Jiyoon then continued, “Everyday I would eat lunch box packed by my mum, it is made up with only healthy food, without any instant products” and, “Egg roll is my regular sidedish, but mum includes lots of vegetables and egg, so the taste is really good,” she revealed, while showing her unique love to her mother.

Heo Gayoon expressed, “Mum’s cooking really helped in our health but 4minute’s secret health tips is none other than eels. At times when we feel weak, we eat eels” and, “Since we always eat eels, if the company doesn’t buy us eels, we would buy with our own money”, they said while surprising participants on set. MC Kim YongMan further creates a sea of laughter, “If you buy eels for yourselves, it seems like you really like to eat eels”.

Vitamin will be aired on the 14th at 8.50PM.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Hankooki


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