[Asia KyungJae] ‘IRIS 2’ Yoon Doojoon, Passes Acting Score

Idol group BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon has shown his outstanding acting skills, attracting attention from the viewers.

On the first episode broadcast of ‘IRIS 2’ on February 13th, Yoon Doojoon plays the role of Seo HyunWoo.

Although his airtime for today’s episode wasn’t much, he had received comments for his acting. In particular, his natural delivering of lines was comparable to those of professional actors. He has also received responses for not falling behind other actors as well.

Yoon Doojoon plays as Seo Hyunwoo, whom is good in shooting, martial arts, decryption of codes, languages and many more field and is a top elite agent in NSS.

Yoon Doojoon has already been recognized for his acting skills through his movie and sitcom, which has lead to high anticipation among viewers.

Additional: It was Doojoon’s first aggressive act in IRIS2. Because of this, it is a fact that Doojoon indeed received negative light from certain parties. But Yoon Doojoon wiped off these concerns himself, while proving his value of existence (in the drama). (Source: Asia KyungJae)

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia KyungJae


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