[Sports World] Idol Gayo Stage MVP, BTOB “Please love the old songs”

Idol Gayo Stage MVP has become a topic.

BTOB who has become the owner to the MVP prize on Idol Gayo Stage’ has received attention.

On the 11th February broadcast of KBS ‘Idol Gayo Stage’, BTOB sang Oh GiTaek’s ‘Father’s Youth’ with their very own color. BTOB took over the dance stage with their fun song arrangement and dynamic dance.

BTOB was later awarded as the team that puts on performance with the most effort and had won the MVP prize. BTOB expressed their thoughts on winning, “As we participate in this show, we’ve listened to lots of old songs, and they’re really good. Please love the old songs in the future too”.

‘Idol Gayo Stage’ is an idol version of ‘Gayo Stage’ where 15 teams have participated and have 6 rounds of battle of trot songs.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports World


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