[enews World]Why 2Yoon′s Attempts are Worthy of Applause

4minute has set a pair of new cards on the table. It most recently debuted the unit group 2Yoon, comprised of members Jeon Ji Yoon and Heo Ga Yoon.

The two previously managed to show through their team endeavors that their voices certainly pack a punch, leading them to be recognized by fans and officials as the skilled vocalists ′Double Yoon′.

Jeon Ji Yoon went on to leave big impressions with her feats on KBS2′s Immortal Song, while Heo Ga Yoon took over the fashion realm, appearing as models in fashion magazines and even being active as a fashion editor.

And in January 2013, these two unique individuals finally came together as the unit group 2Yoon.

One of the reasons the debut of the duo came as a surprise was because of the success of fellow 4minute member Hyuna′s solo ventures.

Hyuna drew the spotlight to herself ever since she made her debut with 4minute, mostly due to the time she had been active as a member of Wonder Girls. Armed with her newfound popularity, she managed to burst out onto the scene as a solo singer before her other members despite her weak position as rapper of the group. As it seemed the sexy image she had donned could be rivaled by no other, Hyuna managed to grab a giant success as a solo singer in the end. Her appearance in the music video of Psy′s Gangnam Style, the global hit, also made it possible for her to launch herself into the world.

The climbing popularity of a member certainly has positive effects for the group as a whole, but as the group continues to age and the gap between the popularity of each member grows, it may come in danger of breaking up in the end. The reason the agency can′t give up on Hyuna and her sexy image despite such dangers is because it would be foolish to let go of such an issue-making weapon in a scene that′s become more competitive than any other time.

Cube Entertainment, however, did the unexpected in its dilemma; it decided to debut 2Yoon. It doesn′t have any jaw-dropping sexy images or successful song equations backing it up, but still the unit managed to stand out with its first album Harvest Moon and its promotional single 24/7.

Contrary to their charismatic performances as 4minute, the two girls of 2Yoon acted as light and joyous as they could onstage. They filled in for the weaknesses in each other′s voices, and showed off their prowess as singers with their powerful vocals. If they had stayed within the frame of 4minute, we surely would have missed out on these charms.

Jeon Ji Yoon even wrote the song Se Se Se for the unit′s album, showing how much she had matured as a musician, while Heo Ga Yoon showed her care for every detail at their photo shoot as the album′s visual director, and even came up with her ideas for her own styles to the costume team.

Jeon Ji Yoon and Heo Ga Yoon′s attempts as a unit are certainly meaningful, and are worthy of applause. Leader Nam Ji Hyun′s prominence in her acting career and her appearance on tvN′s The Romantic and Idol are also to be welcomed. We look forward to the future promotions of the group′s youngest member Kwon So Hyun.

What is certain as of now is that the individual and unit promotions of the 4minute members certainly added a new splash of color to the charms of 4minute as a group.

Original Article: enews World

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