[BEAST Cafe] (Dongwoon)The day to cut the rice cakes that go in the rice cake soup…

It’s Dongwoon.
Yesterday I went to the last performance of Catch Me If You Can for the stage greeting and then
We had our dinner outing and today at dawn I arrived at my home.
I had a joyful meal with my grandpa, big uncle, small uncle**
Whom I haven’t seen in a long time.
I received New Year’s money too ㅎㅎㅎㅎI’m going to buy ddukbokki***
Since I’m home there isn’t much to do but my heart is at rest^^
I’m just lying down all day playing Wind Runner…****
I’m also doing crossroad puzzles.
I think these are some small things that make you happy
I’m still not fully awake so I can’t put my thoughts into words properly
Anyways during the Lunar New Year holiday spend a
Joyful time with your loving family and eat lots of good food and
Let’s ke~ep running together in 2013!!!
I hope everyone has a healthy and year
I was going to write small things but yesterday because of twitter
I hope people weren’t looking forward to this too much right?

CREDITS: playb2st (SOURCE); poco123 @ B2STRISING

*날 (prounced nal) means day but it also means blade. Dongwoon is rhyming with the word

**삼촌 = uncle on Mom’s side of the family (Mom’s brother) Big uncle is the older out of the two brothers, small uncle is the younger

***spicy rice cakes

****Wind Runner is a game app for kakao 🙂


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