[Xports News] ‘Happy Together’ Yoon Doojoon straightforward remarks, “Jang Hyuk talks for hours”

Yoon Doojoon (BEAST) has straightforwardly revealed that he felt difficult with Jang Hyuk’s serious personality.

On the February 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together’, the cast of IRIS 2 which includes Jang Hyuk, Lee DaHae and Lee BumSoo have appeared as special guests.

On this day, Lee DaHae revealed that during a flight to Hungary, she was surprised to see Yoon Doojoon’s humble look who firstly approached  and greeted his senior Jang Hyuk.

Yoon Doojoon confessed that he was worried if he could put up with Jang Hyuk’s peculiar seriousness. Lee DaHae subsequently revealed that in the returning flight, both of them sat together again, and Yoon Doojoon’s expression has turned soulless, which have left Jang Hyuk in an even panicked position.

Yoon Doojoon expressed, “Jang Hyuk-senior talked to me for 2 hours in our flight from Finland to Hungary. He seems to have talked enough, but he continued talking too”, revealing his true and honest-felt heart then, which has caused everyone on the set to laugh.

Yoon Doojoon then continued, “Of course, there are some stories that are funny. I’m a rookie in acting and I’m really thankful that a large-scale senior gave good words to me”, reflecting his grateful heart.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News


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