[Sports Seoul] G.NA diagnosed with Tonsillitis… Recording for new songs ‘in a state of emergency’

‘Sexy Diva; G.NA has been diagnosed with Tonsillitis, which has lit the red light for workings on her new album.

A representative from G.NA’s company, Cube Entertainment’ spoke to ‘Sports Seoul’ on the 7th, “G.NA who is recording her album in a full swing, has gone to the hospital on the 6th after complaints of sore throat and was subsequently being diagnosed of having Tonsillitis.” They then followed with, “It’s a disease grew due to the overusing of her throat and the excessive stress received” and, “It is not till a serious extent, but the physician advised her to be safe for the time being,” they explained.

G.NA’s target of releasing a new album in coming March seems to face a sticky situation. Last May, G.NA released mini album ‘Bloom’ and had then devoted her effort on new songs to be released after almost a year.

Her company representative expressed, “She personally participates in the guide recordings and the overall parts of the album too, but it seems that her body couldn’t keep up” and, “She is currently doing her best to receive treatments and taking sufficient rest to recover her body.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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