[JoongBoo] ‘Radio Star’ G.NA shows off her confidence over her body

Soloist G.NA has revealed her confidence over her body.

On the February 6th broadcast of ‘Radio Star’, Park Eunji, Kang YeBin and G.NA appeared as special guests.

On this day of broadcast, G.NA’s photoshoot was revealed, her beautiful face and slim body have surprised the MCs and guests on the set.

MCs then asked, “Was it photoshopped?” and G.NA replied, “(It’s) Without any photoshop” and “If I were too thin, people can’t empathize with it. I wanted to give a healthy vibe to it, so I covered my hands intentionally,” showing her self-confidence for her body.

When another photoshoot that emphasizes on her legs was revealed, guests appearance couldn’t hide their amazement too, “Your legs are standards of a mannequin”. G.NA immediately responded,  “That one was photoshopped”, causing laughter on set.

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “G.NA looks sexier than Kang YeBin”, “Radio Star G.NA’s unphotoshopped photoshoot is really amazing”, “I’m envious of G.NA’s body”, “I wonder how does she keep fit” and various responses.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: JoongBoo


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