[Oh My News] Instead of mysteriousness, 2YOON who has taken on a friendlier route “A natural-like song”

Thinking of showing a different attempt every time but was remembered as the ‘fierce’ 4minute image. Celebrities and seniors, too, were imprinted with 4minute’s image as “Scary. It’s difficult to reach out to them”. Having that said, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon have lately formed a unit, called 2YOON and have received different and opposite responses. “They looked young”, “They’ve become prettier”, “They have charms” and many such remarks are heard and even received a ‘heart’ from directors of different music programs. Jeon Jiyoon expressed that it was something “unexpected while (promoting) as 4minute”.

“We prioritize our mysteriousness when we’re 4minute, but with 2YOON, we’ve seemed to be exposing more of ourselves. In fact, other than Hyuna, the rest of the four members are not active in promoting, and we received lots of comments such as, ‘I want to know what you’re good at’. Recently, many suggested to us to be ‘friendlier’. We’ve actually like to show our cute sides too.”

“2YOON being asked ‘Why this?’, because it’s a music that heals”

Their EP ‘Harvest Moon’ was fixed and was subsequently released in January 2013, but 2YOON was a project prepared long ago. More known as ‘SsangYoon’, 2YOON was the results after some opinions. They’ve started recording their album tracks a year ago, in January 2012, but the title track was received in November and (only then), they started to coordinate for the release.

“Everyone said they didn’t expect the two of us to do it together. They said they would rather want solos instead of a collaboration. They couldn’t understand that why do we want to do this since our images, singing styles and vibes given out are different. But we’re sure of it. And so, we’ve come out with this outcome. Now that everyone are commenting that ‘it’s a healing song that has not been heard for some while, a natural music, feels good while listening to this song’, we’re thankful too.”

Their passion grew stronger as they took a long period to release this album. Heo Gayoon who is always keen on fashion, participated as a visual director, while Jeon Jiyoon wrote and composed a track from their album ‘SseSseSse’, giving a softening touch to the album. Country Pop title track ’24/7′ even took on a fresher turn as it uses a special electronic sound.

“4minute, Hyuna solo, 2YOON are all different… We want to be hot slowly”

“Promotion period as a unit, preparation time, and coordination time are shorten, but it was lonely and incomplete nevertheless,” expressed 2YOON. The 5-years debuted singers were asked about the different atmosphere among idol groups recently. Heo Gayoon said, “During our debut times, I think the music then had more qualities.” When they debuted, idol’s music sounded like idols, but it’s not the same now. “It is harder now”, Heo Gayoon explained.

“(It’s because of the) Insecurity of rookie groups, so do understand them. We, too, debuted as a unit too right. We really feel the burden because we feel that we should do well in order to give a stronger impact to 4minute. We think that showing a different charms than the original charms of a group is good.  Showing the same style does not seem to help the team. So, 4minute, Hyuna’s solo and our unit, all three of these are different.”

2YOON who has now started to walk. When asked about ‘2YOON’s future?’, they answered, “We want to do things that we want to do and have no regrets”. “We want to be friendlier than 4minute. We don’t want our music to be popular for a short moment, but a song that grows hotter slowly and longer.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Oh My Star


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