[Malaysia epop Magazine] Exclusive Interview with BTOB!

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Born to Beat! BTOB has gone through a exclusive interview with epop during their stay for ‘2012 Asia Super Showcase’! While the interview was carried out, leader Eunkwang spoke a lot while the rest of the members are busy whispering! What are BTOB whispering about? Haha, Come and follow this epop interview together with BTOB!

epop: Can you introduce yourself?
BTOB: Born to Beat! Annyeonghaseyo, we are BTOB!
Changsub: Hi, My name is Lee ChangSub. I’m the vocalist in BTOB and I’m 22 years old.
Hyunsik: Hi I’m BTOB’s center. I’m 21 this year and is the vocalist of the group.
IlHoon: Hi, I’m IlHoon. I’m 19 and I’m the rapper.
Peniel: Hi, I’m Peniel in BTOB. I’m 20 years old, and I’m the vocalist.
Sungjae: Hello, I’m the maknae, Yook SungJae. I’m 19 this year and I’m a vocalist.
Eunkwang: Hi, I’m Eunkwang. I’m the leader as well as the main vocalist of BTOB.
MinHyuk: Hello, I’m the aspired Lee MinHyuk who wishes to do lots of things.

epop: How did BTOB come together?
Eunkwang: All seven of us are close during our trainee times. Perhaps this is fate. If we’re lack of any one member, BTOB won’t exist!
Hyunsik: We want to show BTOB’s various looks after debut. Actually, the styles of the first and the second mini album differs a lot. We’ve did lots of rehearsals.

epop: If you have the chance to act, what type of roles do you want to play? Why?
Sungjae: I’m indeed interested in acting. All this while, I want to act as a handsome yet poor man.
IlHoon: Hahahaha!
MinHyuk: I’m into acting too! I want to act as a guy loving someone secretly. I have this kind of experience, so this would help me to understand the character.

epop: BTOB took many selfcams in BTOB Diary. Which member that is the most narcissist?
Changsub: We’re all the same. We love to selca no matter what we’re doing. We want to show anything that is funny and show it to fans. We all really like selca-ing, so it’s really hard to find the most narcissist member.
Eunkwang: Changsub is the vocalist of the group, but he raps a lot in variety shows. I think he’s the most narcissist one.

epop: What will fans get to see through B+Diary? Was it the same as BTOB Diary?
Ilhoon: MTV Diary is not our solo program, but with 4 other groups! B+Diary is our solo program. Fans can get to see our true personalities through this show. We will show different types of talents too!

epop: Who’s your favorite singer?
MinHyuk: Shinhwa-sunbaenim! I’ve met them on a show before! Shinhwa-sunbaenim asked me to work hard to be a good singer! They’re really friendly. They don’t change throughout this 14 years. All six of them are still happy and proud of themselves!

epop:What variety show do you want to participate in and why?
Eunkwang: Among all the variety shows, I want to participate ‘Infinite Challenge’ the most. In this program, you have to let go of your pride and show yur true self. Many games too required logic thinking. I really want to go on that show.

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epop: There’s a month left before BTOB celebrates your one year anniversary since debut! What do you want to do on this day?
Eunkwang: We’ve formed BTOB and performed for Melody. As a repayment, I hope to hold a mini fans meeting on this day!

epop: The happiest moment after debut?
Peniel: I went to Korea alone to be a singer. My family are still in America. I’m really happy when my parents came to watch my performance in Korea. I really am blissful when I’m with my family!

epop: what do you do during your free time?
Sungjae: We love to watch anime when we’re free.
Changsub: You know ‘Naruto’? We love ‘Naruto’ (epop: Eh? Suddenly he speaks in English~)
Sungjae: We like playing ‘Naruto’ games together with
Changsub: ‘Naruto’ is my mental idol~

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: epop 

Special thanks: @yangdebella9


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