[Asia KyungJae] 2YOON reveals dissatisfaction, “President-nim scolds us exactly like the comments”

Girl group 2YOON has revealed their dissatisfaction towards their company president.

During ‘Hello Counselor’, INFINITE H’s Hoya revealed that they can’t go home during festivals. 2YOON immediately revealed, “Our president-nim is totally the opposite”, which led to curiosity among the audience.

2YOON expressed, “He would send us off during festivals and only speaks to us through phone, but there’s one thing that’s really strange. He would asked us not to get hurt when reading comments online, but he himself would then scold us with all those comments”.

MC Jung ChanWoo then caused laughter by saying, “Perhaps those comments are written by president-nim himself?”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia KyungJae


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