[OBS] ‘Hello Counselor’ Heo Gayoon, “I think of what should I wear the day before going to airport”

Group 4minute’s unit group 2YOON’s Heo Gayoon has commented regarding her airport fashion.

Recently, 2YOON and INFINITE H appeared as special guests on KBS2 ‘Hello Counselor’, sharing a variety of  their own stories.

On this day, MCs asked 2YOON and INFINITE H, “Are you worried about pictures taken at the airport?” regarding the latest trend of idols’ airport fashion.

Heo Gayoon honestly answered, “I really worried about it a lot” and, “I think about what should I wear on the day before going to the airport”.

In related news, when asked “Does the president gives a hard time?” 2YOON exposed, “President-nim asked us not to worry about the comments. But when the comment talks about our weakness, he would tell us,” they revealed.

Meanwhile, this episode will be aired on the 4th at 11.15PM.


Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OBS, TV Report


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