[Sports Seoul] ‘Cube’ BEAST-4minute-G.NA, Thoughts for family concert?

4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB and many more artists from Cube Entertainment will be attending their very own family concert, ‘2013 United Cube Concert-Cube Party’. Gagman Kim Kiri, 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB, Roh JiHoon and more have expressed their thoughts of being part of the concert performance.

The most senior groups of the agency, 4minute and BEAST have expressed their affection for their hoobaes of the same company. 4minute’s Nam JiHyun said, “It’s the second time we had this Cube Concert, so we’re excited and because we get to do it with our hoobaes and family, we are happy”. Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon expressed, “It’s the first we’re in Jamsil indoor stadium, but we’re really happy of holding this United Cube Concert with colleagues,” while looking at his colleagues lovingly.

G.NA commented, “It has been awhile. Now it’s the second (family) concert. I think that a collaboration stage with a bigger collages brings lots of opportunities to show different looks, so I’m really excited and anticipating for this. I’ve came here with a playful heart, so I hope everyone will watch it excitingly”

Their hoobaes Roh JiHoon and BTOB have also given their thoughts of determination. Roh JiHoon revealed, “It’s the first, so I’m really excited. I used to watch Cube Concert as a part of the audience, now I get to stand on the same stage as sunbaes, so it’s really meaningful”. BTOB further showed their anticipations through their expressions, “We’ve stood on Cube concert before during our trainee times. That time we pledged to ourselves, ‘We must officially stand here for once’, and since we get to do so today, it’s really meaningful to us. We’re really happy since our Cube family gathered today to do this together. Cube Hwaiting”

This is followed by Kim Kiri, “I’m the latest to enter into Cube” and, “After entering into Cube last September, I wished to stand on a stage like this with them. It’s like meeting families with a holiday mood”, attracting attention with his thoughts. He then followed, “I will be a worldwide gagman just like ‘Cube’ name does,” creating a sea of laughter.

BTOB’s Jung IlHoon said, “I’m in charge of the opening. In order to impress everyone, I’ve prepared a lot. I will be holding a DJing performance. I hope everyone pay lots of attention. I will show a different side that I can never show before in this concert, so please look forward to it”.

Roh JiHoon continued, “I have prepared a stage that I wanted to show firstly. I will be showing a song from my album, ‘Maker’.  Since it’s a powerful stage from what I’ve shown so far, please do anticipate it.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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