[Sports Seoul] BEAST Son Dongwoon, pants ripped in midst of performance “Thrills of a live stage”

Group BEAST’s Son Dongwoon’s accident of ripping pants have caused laughter.

While performing for ‘2013 United Cube Concert-Cube Party’, not long after BEAST’s ‘Bad Girl’ stage, Son Dongwoon has created a chaos for ripping his pants and returning back stage suddenly.

BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon burst out into laughter towards the sudden situation and said, “Son Dongwoon has disappeared. It’s the look of ripping his pants”, he exposed. He then continued, “Lee Kikwang, too, tore his pants in one of the performance in Malaysia too”. Lee Kikwang who was made the topic continued, “That’s what happened. I’ve ripped my pants at an honorable performance”, tactfully replying to Yoon Doojoon. He then continued, “These are the thrills of having live stages”, causing laughter among the crowds.

BEAST members playfully teases the audience, “Since Son Dongwoon is not here, the performance can’t go on anymore”, which encouraged more screams from the audience. As they led for more screams, Son Dongwoon once again returned to the stage. The members then said to Son Dongwoon, “Since you’ve came out, there’s nothing to scream for now, you fella”, creating a sea of laughter.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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