[OSEN] 4minute 2YOON, “We dislike taking breaks, Being busy is our strength”

It is a situation where members are trying to show something new that can’t be shown when they work as a group. Some examples are Orange Caramel and Infinite H.

And then, there’s Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon’s newly formed unit duo 2YOON from the existing idol group 4minute where their strong music would come in mind. However, (this unit group) is a totally opposite from it. Usually emphasizes on sexy body lines, these two are now armed with a ‘healthy’ dance that would lead to thoughts of being ‘athletic’. Instead of electronic sounds they usually used, they’ve created a music with America’s Country genre as a base. Even their jacket picture, instead of the snake they shot with as ‘4minute’s props’, chicks and piglets were used.

“When the song was out, we did not let our president-nim listen to it. We felt that ‘it is this!’ when only the two of us listened to it initially. This music is just the exact direction that we’re aiming, so we had to push for it no matter what.” (Gayoon)

The two of them started having their duets in a concert. As their unique music taste matches well, there were many fans asking for a unit and they suggested firstly that they want to form a unit in the agency. Last year, they started to work on  their album songs, and chose ’24/7′ as their title track.

“Gayoonie was in charge of the outfits and visual concepts. Gayoonie who gave lots of ideas for 4minute, in charge of the visuals this time round, and I took charge of the album producing. We worked very hard participating in it. The piglet and chicks, and my tomboyish look were Gayoon’s ideas.” (Jiyoon)

“During ‘Hot Issue’ era, Jiyoon put on a neutral look which has caught lots of attention. As 4minute’s colors standardized, her concept became weak and so it was such a waste. I’ve gave her this image back this time round.” (Gayoon)

As Gayoon prepares for their performance stage this time round, she lost 8kg and her ‘nano body’ has become a hot topic. It was because of their vigorous dance choreography.

“I received stress, so it hurts a little. But mostly it’s because of the dance, that’s why I’ve lost weight. 4minute’s dance techniques are hard too, but they do not require much stamina. There isn’t much dance techniques here, but we bounce and jump from the start till the very end. It felt like we’re back to doing exercises.” (Gayoon)

Idols usually talk about taking enough breaks from their schedule but for 4minute, it isn’t the same. They are workaholics where being busy is a force for them to move on continuously.

“It seems like 4minute will comeback in the early of the year. We’re preparing to our best of course. If possible, we hope to make a comeback again in the second half of the year. We don’t want to rest. As much as how much we’ve grown with this promotions, I’m already anticipating the next album.” (Jiyoon)

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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