[YonHap News] 2YOON, “Idols’ music too, has to change now”

Last year, agencies who have met up with a crisis in the idols’ industry are now facing the reality of “idols’ music too, has to change now”.

Following the repetition of mainstream idol groups’ electronic sounds and dance music, there were thoughts of searching for a different and distinctive music as a breakthrough.

Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon who has formed 4minute’s unit project 2YOON, had such worries when there were plans for releasing a album. When asked for a ‘fresh sound’ from the composers, they have came up with the country genre that would attract ears.

The title track ’24/7′ from their first album ‘Harvest Moon’ is a country pop. America famous music magazine SPIN has also gave good commentaries on 2YOON’s music as ‘an reinterpretation of Country (genre) through K-POP’.

Recently in an interview, 2YOON nodded that they “think that idol singers’ music should change too”.

“As we always sing 4minute’s song, when we received this song, it was very fresh. It is probably that we’re tired of electronic music. Last year when we went to meet a local producer in America, he said that ‘K-pop is perfect, but only at its frame. But it was standardize with the arrangements of the song and electronic sounds.’ Therefore, he suggested that we should try songs of different genre.” (Jiyoon)

Gayoon added, “In fact, it was hard to follow 4minute’s music and dance” and, “Parents were saying, ‘It’s my daughter’s songs but it’s really hard to follow’. We want people to sing and dance along together, a song that appeals to the public”.

At the end of all these frustration, they’ve chose to transform musically as well as changing with a natural image.

In the team, Jeon Jiyoon with powerful vocals ‘neutral eonnie’ and Heo Gayoon with her pretty music style ‘chic eonnie’, have transformed with a fresh and youthful image. They explained that they put on light make ups and came up with a simple dance, creating a totally cute image.

Among the members, both of them have expressed tiredness (of the team’s concept).

Gayoon said, “Among five of us, we talked a lot about music, and that’s why we’re close” and, “Both of us matched well during our duet cover of Ke$ha’s song in our family concert in England and Brazil. Fans have already called us ‘Ssangyoon’. It was thought that ‘Ssangyoon’ would be our name then, but due to some pronunciation issues, we’ve decided to change to 2YOON,” she smiles.

Both of them have also participated in the making of their very own album.

Jiyoon has participated in writing and composing for track ‘SseSseSse’. Jiyoon who has shown passion for composing went to Los Angeles, America in October last year to work on it.

“In hopes to find a new music, I’ve gone to America. BTOB member Peniel’s brother-in-law is a music producer and through his connection, I get to go to a famous studio. I was able to meet and have meals with album producers for Katie Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and many more. I even get to meet Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am personally too. I’ve let them listen to songs that I’ve composed and made some new songs with them. It was really a great experience.” (Jiyoon)

Gayoon, on the other hand, participated as a visual director and even prepared props for their jacket shoot, as well as giving her own fashion style suggestions.

Thanks to their passion, their album this time round has gained good responses from abroad.

Gayoon commented, “There were lots of reaction video for ’24/7′ on Youtube, we were shocked of the amount of them” and, “It felt amazing when fans even called us by our individual names. K-POP’s strength is indeed great. We even thought that 4minute won’t die”, she laughed.

The expression ‘Won’t Die’ has let out a endless competitive crisis vibe.

When asked about it, “Our debut song  ‘Hot Issue’ had received attention but as time passed, we always feel insecure and there were times (where we thought) it will die. All the members are greedy, but we couldn’t express them. So we’ve promised among ourselves often, to ‘let’s work even harder’. We did overseas promotions, and gained strength with all the loves felt. This year, 4minute will be preparing for an album, in order to solidify our base.” (Gayoon, Jiyoon)

What is girl groups’ hardest challenge?

“We have to go on diet while preparing for our album, that’s quite hard. With our busy schedules, it’s hard to eat on time, and there were times where we feel like binge eating. I’ve lost quite some weight this time too.” (Gayoon)

With this, Jiyoon continued, “I think I don’t have the same mindset as girl groups” and, “There are sweet potatoes, bellflower drinks and many other wrapped food in my bag. I focus on having a healthy eating”, she smiled.

Famous as a team with good relationship, they too, have shown love for their members.

Regarding member Hyuna’s solo activities which have received the spotlight, Gayoon explained, “Hyuna (was from Wonder Girls and) when she was debuted, it is only natural that she’ll gain attention. We don’t think that she’s competing with us in a different direction” and, “Hyuna received attention as a sexy soloist, Jiyoonie as a composer, Jihyunie in acting and many more, so we never fight. I feel that Hyuna is cool.”

This is followed by Jiyoon, “During our duo promotions, there are some members who have free period” and, “But they feel rather sorry. Our maknae Sohyun has cheered us and supported our album through SNS, it’s really pretty and we’re grateful to her”, she expressed.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: YonHap News


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