[Newsen] 2YOON express thoughts over ‘SsangYoon’ name changes

In previous article, 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Jeon JiYoon has revealed that they were to name their newly form unit as ‘SsangYoon’ initially prior to their debut.

The both of them actually thought that they would be called ‘SsangYoon’ but just right before their debut, it was changed suddenly to ‘2YOON’ instead. Not long after their unit name ‘2YOON’ was revealed, many fans have given various feedback regarding the predicted ‘SsangYoon’ and the decided ‘2YOON’.

Lately, Newsen have met up with 2YOON and they have shown affection for the name ‘SsangYoon’.

Heo Gayoon said, “Honestly speaking, we prefer SsangYoon more (than 2YOON). It was said quite often, so we didn’t feel like it was a curse word. Even now, when our manager oppas check our schedules, he would called it ‘SsangYoon’s schedule’. It seems like SsangYoon’s impact is stronger.”

She followed, “In fact, while recording for Weekly Idol last year, we called ourselves SsangYoon, but it was changed abruptly. We’ve met up with ‘Weekly Idol’s PD-nim recently, and told them that we’ve changed to 2YOON. He said, ‘It’s okay'”

Heo Gayoon continued, “We were shocked too. It was originally planned to be SsangYoon. Even the logo ‘SSY’ was created, but it was changed last minute. Since it was a last minute change, we feel sadder too. I and JiYoon thought that we would come out well as ‘SsangYoon’ but it was ‘2YOON’ so…”

Jeon JiYoon further added, “We heard people calling us SsangYoon or 2YOON now. Thank you.”

[Omitted Repeated Information]

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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