[My Daily] Tak JaeHun grows furious over ban received by 4minute’s song ‘안 줄래’

Singer cum actor Tak JaeHun has shown a surprise look when told that girl group 4minute’s song was banned.

On the 28th January broadcast of ‘Beatles Code 2′, guests has shared their stories about the ’19 ban’. 4minute’s Jeon JiYoon and Heo Gayoon have revealed that there was once an album track was banned “due to its title”.

Followed this, the MCs asked about that particular song title and the both of them answered, “It was ‘I don’t want to give'(안 줄래)” and the MCs were in a shocked state. MC Tak JaeHun commented, “So what about ‘I don’t want to give’? It’s not like it’s ‘I’ll give everything’ to someone”. He even mentioned singer Jo KyuMan’s hit song ‘I’ll give everything’.

MC Jang DongMin further cited, “Singer Lee JungHyun had a song called ‘Wanna give'”. Tak JaeHun was seen stressing again, “So it’s okay to give everything, but it’s not okay to not give?”

‘I don’t want to give’ was a song included in  4minute’s first mini album ‘For Muzik’ in 2009. However, it was received a ban from KBS as it was revealed that the repeated lyrics of ‘I don’t want to give’ (안 줄래) was the main problem.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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