[enews24] 2YOON, ‘Unit name was supposed to be SsangYoon, but…”

As the new year starts, the entertainment industry is trying its very best to break the entertainment slump. Mushrooming units from existing idol groups have become a name for survival in the entertainment industry. With such, 4minute who has received support from their solid fanbase since 2009 is keeping up with the trend, and has formed unit group named, ‘2YOON’ with members Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon.

기사 사진

Bearing the image of strong female warriors, Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon who are in charge of 4minute’s vocal line have come together as 2YOON. Both Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon who are unable to experiment other possible styles due to 4minute’s colors, have revealed that they wish to do so. Their title track ’24/7′ showcases 2YOON’s overshadowed vocal talents while keeping themselves musically competent.

◆ “The unit name was initially SsangYoon but…”

Initially, the unit name was decided to be formed from both of their names Heo Gayoon and Jeon JiYoon.

“We suggested first. (Smiles) Since when we’re trainees, our vocals suits each other’s well, so we had such talks many times before. We’re the vocals of the group, (so we had put on stages during concerts) as we seemed to put on a natural duet stage and fans’ responses was overwhelming, we have decided to come out like this.” (Jeon Jiyoon)

2YOON’s formation was due to fans. And since both of their names had ‘Yoon’, they promote as a unit with the name ‘2YOON’, but it was revealed that this name wasn’t their first choice. They revealed that it was supposedly to be ‘SsangYoon instead of ‘2YOON’.

“Since debut, our nickname has always been ‘SsangYoon’. So, it’s natural to have talks about us being named as ‘ssangyoon’. Fans too, have called us ssangyoon all this while. However, upon deciding a name for our unit, it was discussed that ‘ssangyoon’ might be heard as a curse word if it’s mispronounced, hohoho. We have never thought of it, probably it’s because we are too used to it. Through discussions and suggestions, we have come up with 2YOON instead of SsangYoon.” (Heo Gayoon)

기사 사진

◆ “A different style than 4minute, but we’re not intending to end this one-time only.”

Through many twists and turns, Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon have born as 2YOON. From now onward, 4minute’s vocal line are given the chance to show their true colors. In fact, since 4minute is an originally striking and a group that puts on strong performance, the two were unable to show off their vocal capabilities as they wish. It would be a lie if they say that they didn’t have any regrets.

And because of this, the two are grateful to try something different from 4minute as 2YOON members, which leads to the birth of their title track, ’24/7′.

“It’s mostly my ideas about the whole concept, starting from the jacket pictures. We actually tried hard to convince our president-nim who keeps shaking his head. We wanted to try a big transformation with our genre and image like this.” (Heo Gayoon)

“We have our image changed and so, it was fun. It was fun when we’re with 4minute too, but truthfully speaking, because of our strong concept during 4minute promotions, we were left with only that impression. However, for now, we can smile as much as we like on stage. (Jeon JiYoon)”

A positive change leads to pleasure. And so, 2YOON aren’t doing this for just one time only. Because it is a chance to show ‘myself’.

“If it comes out well, will it be a long-run project? We’re not sure of the outcome, but we do hope that it would be long-run. Because we are able to sing songs as we wished and to show those we are unable to show in 4minute. It’s good to do it as 4minute with the members, but 2YOON has its own charms too. (Heo Gayoon)”

Jeon Jiyoon agreed to Heo Gayoon’s words. 2YOON are ready to take off their veils and discover new possibilities, creating what they wished into reality.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24


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