[enews World] B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop Ranks The Looks of the 4Minute Members

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop has unveiled his personal ranking of the looks of the 4Minute members.

On the upcoming episode of MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol, the members of the 4Minute unit group, 2Yoon, will drop by as guests.

During the episode, the 2Yoon members engaged in a game to try and guess how Yang Yo Seop ranked the 4minute members by looks during a previous appearance.

Heo Ga Yoon made her guess saying, “I think first will be Hyuna and I’m last. Yo Seop oppa is most awkward with Hyuna and most friendly with me.”

Jeon Ji Yoon agreed saying, “Yo Seop oppa wouldn’t want to offend someone he’s less friendly with so I think that’s how he would have ranked t too.”

MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn couldn’t hid their surprise saying, “They really did guess the first and last person right. 4Minute really knows Yo Seop’s personality.”

The rest of the ranking and a special phone call made to Hyuna will be made during the episode on January 30.

Original Article: enews World


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