[Melon] 2YOON’s Harvest Moon Album Description

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Strong charisma and performance for every albums released, girl group 4minute who has the nation talking has come back with yet another transformation for members Jeon JiYoon and Heo Gayoon, forming unit duo named, ‘2YOON’. Heo Gayoon who has always been in charged of 4minute’s powerful vocals as well as filled with solid raps capabilities Jeon JiYoon, since last years’ promotions with 4minute’s mini album ‘Volume Up’, have been busy with personal schedules such as musicals and fashion editorials. Through these promotions, both of them have shown their distinctive charms. These two individuals which has form this unit duo have been actively participating in this album.
Embedded image permalinkIn 2YOON’s first mini album, it will showcase their solid capabilities. Jeon JiYoon who has risen as one of the recognized and talented voice in the industry has participated in the album through writing lyrics, composition as well as arranging her firstly produced song ‘SseSseSse’, transforming herself from an idol into a musician. Also, Heo Gayoon who has a slender body but boyish feel has personally helped out in the concept of their jacket image with her fashion sense, giving rise to a mini album of a different feel.

This album’s title track “24/7” is a country pop that is a genre loved by those in America. The meeting between country song and Kpop has given birth to 2YOON’s one and only style. The first half of the melody will make those who listened to fall for it. It is a song that will create a light and happy mood.  Jung HyungDon, Gag concert team (Kim Kiri, Lee SangHo, Lee SangMin, Lee JongHoon, Lee KwangSeob) and BTOB who gives laughter to whoever just like the title name, ’24/7′ has participated in their MV.
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Other than ’24/7′, ‘Nightmare’ is a descriptive song that describes a woman’s feeling after her man left her and that every dreams are exactly the same. Then, there’s ‘Why Not’ that showcases their bright vocals and ‘Black Swan’ that describes their inner securities and confusion in this album. In particular, Nassun who is famous in her rap featuring for Lee Hyori’s ‘Yugo Girl’, underground god-like rapper Kikaflo, and BTOB’s charismatic rapper Jung IlHoon’s participation in the album. 2YOON is set to show a never before new look in the future.
Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Melon

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