[Sports Ilgan (extract)] BEAST-4minute-BTOB win awards at GDA

Idol group BEAST, 4minute, BTOB and even Trouble Maker have bagged awards from the prestigious award ceremony. All of them attended the 27th Golden Disk Award in Kuala Lumpur on the 15th.

BEAST has won JTBC Best Artist Award and Album Bonsang Award with ‘Midnight Sun’, becoming a winner for 2 awards. “Following last year, we are happy that we are able to stand on Golden Disk stage again (this year)” and, “Thank you for awarding us two precious awards. We will repay with better music and performance stage in the future”. BEAST also performed ‘Special’, ‘Beautiful Night’ and ‘Fiction’ on this day, while spending a good time with Malaysian fans.

4minute, from the same agency, also bagged the Album Bonsang Award with ‘Volume Up’.  They gave their winning speech,”It’s our honor to be awarded with Bonsang Award following last year’s. Cube Entertainment Hong SeungSong Representative-nim, and including every company staffs, thank you very much” and, “Few days later, please give much anticipation to our unit, 2YOON’s promotions”

Meanwhile, BTOB was awarded with ‘Next Generation Star’ Award on this day too. BTOB expressed their thoughts, “It’s the first award to be awarded to us since debut. We were happy that we’re invited to attend such a large-scaled ceremony, and even thankful for awarding us awards” and, “In order to repay loves that was given to us, we will be a group that works even harder”. Regarding future plans, BTOB revealed, “Not only through music, we will promote perfectly and go one step nearer to fans’ side”. On this day, BTOB performed ‘Insane’, ‘WOW’ and g.o.d’s ‘Candle’, attracting Malaysia’s female fans.

Also, Trouble Maker, a unit formed between BEAST’s Hyunseung and 4minute’s Hyuna has won the Best Dance Performance award. Both of them expressed, “Last year’s performance in Osaka seems like just yesterday, but we’re happy to be awarded this meaningful award. Fans who gave love to Trouble Maker during the whole of last year, thank you very much”.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @loveindacube.wordpress.com

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