[enews24] ZE:A Park Hyungsik, “There are feelings for Nam JiHyun. Dating…”

ZE:A’s member Park Hyungsik who was seen coupling with 4minute’s Nam JiHyun on tvN ‘The Romantic and Idol’ expressed, “As we were shooting for the program, there were some feelings developed”, while giving out a heartwarming smile.

기사 사진

Regarding questions about pairing up with Nam JiHyun as a couple in ‘Romantic Idol’, Hyungsik smiled while responded, “As we were shooting, there were feelings felt. I felt interested in knowing more about the other party. Nam JiHyun was the best. She was kind too.”

When asked if they’re really dating, he busted a laugh, saying “No”, and continued, “We are in that type of relationship where we give support and advice to each other. Lately, noona contacted me and said that she watches KBS drama ‘Sirius’ in which I’m acting in.”

He then followed, “‘The Romantic’ was filmed very comfortably. It’s like meeting friends. In fact, there isn’t much opportunities for idol groups to work with each other. It felt good being together with peers of the same industry. Till now, eight of us are still kept in touch. We gathered as well.”

Regarding thoughts about being in a relationship, Hyungsik said, “There are still lots of things to do, and so I feel that I should do those first”, “but I’m jealous too, when there are news about other celebrity couples.”

Towards his ideal type, he answered, “Someone who gave me good feelings on first meeting, and a person who matches me well”

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: enews24


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