[Asia Today] BTOB MinHyuk, Top of the Love Food Chain, ‘Captured 2 Girls’ hearts’

Group BTOB’s member Lee MinHyuk has risen as the top of the love food chain.

On 13th January broadcast of The Romantic and Idol, MinHyuk has dominated the suspenseful 5-angled love line.

On today’s broadcast, G.NA has shown feelings for JongHoon, Jonghoon for Yewon, Yewon for MinHyuk, and Yang JiWon too, for MinHyuk. Meanwhile, MinHyuk himself has shown attention towards Yewon and Yang Jiwon.

In particular, MinHyuk and Yewon who paired up during the necklace shuffle, have shown comfortable skinships during their date. Meanwhile, JongHoon was seen in a jealousy mode, further adding to the suspense.

On the other hand, G.NA who had feelings for JongHoon, fell into a state of confusion as she sees Jonghoon’s proactive behavior towards Yewon. Yang Jiwon who had chosen MinHyuk in the mid-selection has caused yet another situation.

Netizens commented, “MinHyuk is truly the winner”, “Capturing the hearts of Yewon and Jiwon, he’s indeed the love knight here”, “G.NA must be feeling hurt”, and various more reactions.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Asia Today


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