[TV Daily] The Romantic, G.NA upsets over JongHoon’s feelings for Yewon, “Really Cruel”

G.NA expressed her hurtful heart.

On the 13th January broadcast of The Romantic, 4 couples had went out on a date together at the aquarium. It was a group date, where no specific couple is tied to each other. Followed this, Choi Jonghoon has earnestly expressed his feelings. Choi Jonghoon was revealed to have feelings for Yewon since the beginning, but they had not paired together till yet.

Choi JongHoon kept appearing beside Yewon, implying his intention. G.NA who was coupled with Jonghoon for the second time, despite talking to JongHoon, a sincere answer was not heard from him. G.NA who noticed the strange atmosphere around them did not feel good about it. During the interview after that date, G.NA expressed sadly, “I think this program is really cruel. I know that I felt something different..’ what is this.”

In particular, prior to the interview, female participants thought of G.NA as a strong competitor with her good body. It was thought that G.NA would be the popular girl, but the situation seems to be the reversed of it.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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