[Oh My News (Extract)] Idol Romance ‘The Romantic’, How real it is?

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ZE:A Park Hyungsik who coupled with 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun in tvN The Romantic & Idol came to our office for the interview, while waiting for the interview he appeared like someone who is waiting for his lover, with excited gaze.

[Park Hyungsik] ‘I haven’t seen the broadcast yet’ is what I want to tell. But all my hands and legs already curled. (Laugh) All the people around me had fun (made fun of me?) They also want to participate in the show. The members also said that it was a great meeting. All 8 of them are good people and well behaved, so the program fits us well. The program seeks for the truth and sincerity of the people. So, even if there are couples who doesn’t match with each other, that is also the charms of this program right?

The idol travels a lot even until Norway. However who are these people? In South Korea, isn’t KPOP Idols are the busiest compared to other people? Even when the schedule is not fit, they still went to stay in Jeju Island for 4 days and 3 nights. “Meeting the other brothers, sisters and younger ones as a 22 old Park Hyungsik, not singer Park Hyungsik, it feels really great.” Park Hyungsik smiles and added “Though everyone have come back to our routine, we have our own group meeting in Kakaotalk to chat. And we feel really happy when we meet each other during our schedule.”

“In that 4 days and 3 nights, I think it is possible to had a feelings toward someone. However it is too short to decide to date and be in relationship with the other person. Especially because I am not a person who fall for love at first sight. I observed so many things. Like how is her personality, what her thoughts of me (not sure) I am curious of that too since it is important to know that also. Then unconsciously that person true nature will comes out too right. Frankly, I don’t believe in fate. I thought fate is something that we made ourselves. However, during the shuffles I myself was so surprised too. It does not has any big significant, nevertheless the ties/bond itself, is precious to me.


When watching The Romantic & Idol, this is what we are curious of the most: To what extend is it scripted? To what extend is the truth? Even the romance variety MBC’s We Got Married is not ‘real’. Even the cast in WGM, ZEA’s Kwanghee told Park Hyungsik , “The feelings between the two program are different.”

“The cameras for R&I are very far away. They are hidden and taken from afar. It feels like there are no camera, that is the significant in this program. Plus, there is no script at all. There is only time frame. Like wake up at OO time, go to date from OO time and come back at OO time. It is only up to that. On the date, it is up us, whatever we wanted to do. So, it is more fun. When I was younger, I remember boarding the submarine. I went to other courses (places) but there were a lot more that I haven’t tried too. I am very jealous of Mir who got to see the dolphins.” (Laughed)

Trans: white summer

Special Thanks: @Dyra9Ndrh

Source: Oh My Star 


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