[My Daily] Yoon Doojoon, ‘IRIS 2’ emancipates his smart charms

BEAST’s member Yoon Doojoon has transformed into an elite agent.

Yoon DooJoon plays a role in ‘IRIS 2’ where he acts as Seo HyunWoo, an intelligent agent that has outstanding skills in his company, NSS.

In the drama, Seo HyunWoo is a character filled with self-confidence as he aces in various abilities, such as shooting skills, decryption and lingual skills.

During their last filming in Cambodia, Yoon Doojoon’s highly difficult action scene with Lee BumSoo was revealed to have been acted out easily, amazing production crew on the scene too, leading to high anticipation to how it was done.

A representative from ‘IRIS 2’ commented, “Yoon DooJoon’s enthusiasm for his work has led to easy filming for that scene” and, “Through ‘IRIS 2’, we are able to see Yoon Doojoon’s rediscovered acting skills of another level,” he expressed.

‘IRIS 2’ will be airing its first episode on February 13th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: My Daily


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