[My Daily] Yang Yoseob, Reveals Runaway Experience, “Mum knows nothing about it”

Yang Yoseob who is in the midst of his solo promotions has confessed to a runaway experience.

Yang Yoseob has recently appeared for the recordings of JTBC ‘We are Detectives”, and has revealed his past attempt to runaway from home.

On this day, MC Lee HuiJae asked, “Do you have any runaway experience before?” and Yang Yoseob revealed, “I had this experience before, but my mum doesn’t know about it”. He followed, “I ended the attempt (?) to runaway, and went back home” and, “Although I’ve runaway, it has become an outing instead” he added.

It was revealed that Yang Yoseob was determined to runaway, but because the weather was cold and he was hungry, he waited in front of his house instead. He then entered the house when his elder sister came home.

Yang Yoseob’s confession will be aired on JTBC ‘We are Detective’ on the 10th at 11PM.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MY Daily


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