[BTOB Cafe] Announcement: Warnings and Cafe Rules

Hello. This is the management member of the cafe.

We have compiled all frequently asked questions relating to demotions, warnings and returns issue.

We hope that everyone do read it attentively.

*Demotions *

(Full members or special members demoted to associated members)

– Violation of nickname as stated

– Cumulative of 3 warnings

– Money transactions on official cafe

* Warnings *

(Violation of any rules as stated below. For one-time violation, posts will be returned without notice, replies will be deleted without notice. Members of cumulative 3 violations will be demoted)

– Cursing

– Coupling remarks

– Obscene remakrs

– Argument among fans

– Derogatory remarks towards BTOB members

– Fan Account Forum: Attachments of performance pictures and videos

– Secondary processing of fanpage’s picture as own.

– Copyright violation

– Data-sharing comments

– Uploading online data-sharing resources

– More than 2 nicknames

– Stealing of others’ posts and pictures

*Those who don’t comply with the above will be Returned.

* Those who received warnings can check at 경고강등’ (Warning for Demotion)

‘Reasons of Return’ will only record reasons from ‘TO.BTOB♡’ forum.

Other posts on other forums, you can send a private message to the management, and we’ll notified the reasons of your return.

* We, management, do not delete posts. (Since replies cannot be returned, we only delete replies)

Once returned, ‘존재하지않는 게시물’ (Posts do not exist) will appear, and it will be transferred to ‘리턴보관’ (Return).

Those who don’t comply to the rules will be transferred to  ‘Return’ Forum. We hope that there won’t be any misunderstandings in the future.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: BTOB Cafe



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