[CheonJi IlBo] G.NA declares war for love… To Company Director, “I’m meeting a man today”

Soloist G.NA’s declaration of war (?) has received attention.

On the latest episode of tvN ‘The Romantic and Idol 2’, G.NA who participated spoke with her director through a phone call, “I’m going to meet guys today,” declaring a dating war (?).

Prior to her meeting with her partner, she confessed her nervousness, “There is a song that expresses my excited feeling during meetings, but I didn’t really understand the feelings then. Now I understand.” G.NA has furthered shown her excitement as she asked the producer crew if she’s ‘okay’.

‘G.NA’s declaration of war’ news have caught Netizen’s attention. “G.NA’s declaration of war for love? She’s brave”, “G.NA declaring war so that she could date. I like her honesty,” and many more reactions.

Meanwhile, tvN Romantic and Idol 2 was aired on the 6th at 7.40PM.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CheonJi IlBo



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