[Newsen] ‘The Romantic’ Nam JiHyun, Answers to Hyungsik’s sudden proposal, “To be an Official Couple”

Nam JiHyun has accepted Hyungsik’s proposal.

On the 16th December broadcast of ‘The Romantic’, Nam JiHyun has prepared a song for a preference shuffle date, and she had chosen ZE:A’S ‘Aftermath’.

She revealed the reason to this song choice, “I chose this song so that we could become from a half-official couple to a full-official couple”.

However, as Hyungsik listens to ‘Aftermath’, he went into a panic mode. Hyungsik was seen frustrating, “What’s this? This is so obvious”, and tried to figure out who’s the one who chose this song.

Followed this, Mir and JB were seen shouting, “Hyungsik-ah, What are you doing still staying in here?” urging Hyungsik to meet his date.

From the beginning till the end, Hyungsik were dancing to ‘Aftermath’s choreography, but couldn’t make up his mind whether to go out or not. At the very end, it was revealed that Hyungsik rose from his seat, and went outside, smiling while looking at Nam JiHyun.

Hyungsik danced under the moonlight. Nam JiHyun asked, “Why did you take this long to come out!”, throwing a feat. Hyungsik looked at her with a loving gaze, “I was thinking who was this obvious, so it was nuna”.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen 


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