[Newsen] Yang Yoseob, Praises appearance, “Yoo HeeYeol’s Handsome”

BEAST Yang Yoseob has praised Yoo HeeYeol’s appearance.

Yang Yoseob who came back as a solo has recorded for KBS 2TV ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook’. After his performance with ‘Caffeine’, he has expressed a different thought.

Yang Yoseob mentioned about the recent MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ special edition, where Yoo HeeYeol were one of the guests and said, “I can’t understand. I think that Yoo HeeYeol senior-nim is handsome”. With this, Yoo HeeYeol replied “Let’s be closer”, causing laughter on the set.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob’s good singing capabilities has always been a known fact. When asked when was the time when Yang Yoseob himself knew that he’s good in singing, Yang Yoseob replied, “While camping, there was an instructor who couldn’t stop (listening to) my songs.” Since then, Yang Yoseob said that he went home and announced that he wants to be a singer. Followed this, Yoo HeeYeol made a conclusion, “That instructor has now made BEAST’s Yang Yoseob”.

Also, Yang Yoseob confessed that he actually wanted to be a ballad singer, and that he likes to sing songs that move people, which has attracted attention. Yang Yoseob then presented his favorite song, ‘Still with you’ by Eric Benet.

He continued, “My father is bad at dancing, so I thought I’ll be bad in dancing too”, causing laughter on the set.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen 


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