[Xports News] Jeon JiYoon, “4minute members touched and cried by my acting”

Jeon JiYoon who had her first musical challenge has expressed her affection towards 4minute members.

During a press call on the 13th, Jeon JiYoon revealed, “4minute members came to watch my performance”.

On this day, with her rich singing skills and dazzling performance, she has transformed naturally into BokHee. Jeon JiYoon said, “4minute members came for my afternoon performance. Since it was my first stage, it seems like there were lots that I couldn’t do, so I’m regretful. The evening session seems better…” while laughing.

She followed, “During the day, I was really nervous, so I regretted. I heard that the members cried as they were moved by the performance. They said they liked it overall. In particular, during my angry acting scene, they were flaring up as well,” expressing thanks to her members.

Towards her character in the musical, “I performed a JiYoonie-like BokHee. Actually, I had to act it femininely but it wasn’t. Since it was a double casting, I wanted to show my style of BokHee.”

Jeon JiYoon has also expressed her thoughts after her musical stage. She smiled while revealed, “It’s my first time standing on a musical stage. I don’t even remember how I did it”.

She said confidently, “Musical singing skills and entertainment singing skills are totally different. I tried to show my colors in this musical although it was hard.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: XPORTS News (1) (2) 


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