[StarNews] BTOB Cross-dressing, Yook SungJae Prettier than Girl Groups ‘Flutters’

BTOB has cross-dressed.

On the 11th December broadcast of SBS MTV ‘B+Diary’ the second episode, BTOB members made parody of 짝 from ‘쿵짝’

The BTOB members’ exceptional transformation, especially Yook SungJae’s beautiful appearance, has attracted attention.

In particular, Yook SungJae who has completely transformed with an appearance prettier than other girl group members, was seen having some similarities with After School’s Nana, and it was said that it has caused the other members to flutter.

Previously, Yook SungJae wrote on BTOB twitter, “Matured Yook”, while revealing a feminine lady-like image of himself, leading to high anticipation from fans.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s ‘B+Diary’ 2nd episode will be aired on the 11th 5PM.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: StarNews


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