[Asia Today] ′Solo′ Yang Yoseob ″Once again feeling how precious the 5 members are″ @helloimys

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Group BEAST’s vocal Yang Yoseob talks about releasing his first solo album ‘THE FIRST COLLAGE’.

Yang Yoseob recently met up with Asia Today in his waiting room at a music show and said “Trying to stand on my own when it was always the 6 of us, I feel lonely and I can feel down to my bones how precious the 5 members are.”

After he said “It feels awkward to sing by myself on stage when everything was always based off of all 6 members since we were trainees” and “I think of these solo activities as an extension line of BEAST. However I was very worried because I could cause harm to BEAST if I made a mistake. I’m getting better though every time I perform. he added.

About the first performance Yang Yoseob said “I was very nervous when I stepped on stage. It was the feeling I had when I first went on stage during high school when I was in the band” and “I was so nervous my legs were shaking and my heart was pounding. I’m not the type to be nervous usually but I was really anxious.”

Yang Yoseob who is considered one of the best idol vocalists is planning to show his improved emotional spectrum with his solo album activities.

Yang Yoseob’s first solo track ‘Caffeine’ is a song that maximizes his emotional voice and, the lyrical melody and sophisticated arrangement stands out. BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and new composer Kim Taejoo participated in writing the lyrics, song, and producing the song and you can feel the strong and captivating, caffeine-like aroma from it.

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About working with Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob stated Even before the solo album was released we shared a lot of music related talks saying ‘I want to sing this kind of song’ ‘I wish you could write me this kind of song'” and “It started off like that but now I’ve released an album. Junhyung knows my musical range better than anyone else so I was able to work comfortably” he explained.

He also said “I even recorded the guide. While recording we both tuned it together” and “While working with Junhyung I was able to take off some of the pressure and work enjoyably” he added.

Yang Yoseob is running BEAST activities parallel to his solo activities. Recently he came back from performing in Vietnam and his schedules are so packed that he arrived the morning of his comeback day and doing all of these activities, the veins in his eyes popped.

He said “I can’t sleep in the plane so I’m tired but it’s ok. I’m having fun doing these activities” and “Because I think of my solo activities as an extension line of BEAST activities, I don’t want to perform for 1~2 weeks like a special album. I also heard that fans waited a lot for this album. If possible I want to promote steadily. Please give me lots of love” he said.

Meanwhile Yang Yoseob continues his comeback stages December 2nd on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ with the title track ‘Caffeine’.



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