[TV Daily] (Interview) Roh JiHoon Belt Dance? “It was supposed to be ‘Meeting Friend (at a club) Dance”

So it was as expected. Or maybe there wasn’t any weirdness to it.

Warm look and pleasant personality, together with his eloquence, Roh JiHoon who debuted on an audition program has met up with us at a cafe.

After MBC ‘Birth Star Season 1’, Roh JiHoon debuted with album, ‘The Next Big Thing’ after undergoing a year and 6 months of training. As he shines while standing on various stages, Roh JiHoon spent these busy days without sleep.

“Reality has yet to hit me. My feelings were like the previous comfortable feels. Not long ago, in the first broadcast after my showcase, I’ve came to the waiting room, and met lots of seniors, I stood there, and thought, ‘So I’m really in this industry already’ ”

” I never thought of dancing the belt dance in ‘Being Punished’. It was a dance by my clever dance teacher that it is to be the point of the choreograph, but the original name wasn’t belt dance, but ‘meeting friends dance’. I heard that if you’re in a club, you’ll see lots of people holding their belts and dancing” (laughs)


“When I was young, I was into sports, so I’m quite observant, it seems easier to get into the society. Since then, I always think about the worst case scenarios and have a habit of mind controlling myself. I’ve thought about the worst debut it can turn out. I knew I was going to bear the burden of being a new rookie.”

“I will work hard for a different type of stage. I will show my very own style.”

[Omitted Repeated Information]

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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