[Xports News] ‘My Love by My Side’ Hong JiMin, “4minute Jeon JiYoon, Easygoing Than Other Actors”

Actress Hong JiMin confessed her affection for 4minute Jeon JiYoon who acts in the same musical.

On the 21st where the press conference for ‘My Love By My Side’, Jeon JiYoon has expressed her difference with other idol, stating that, “My charm is that I’m powerful”.

Jeon JiYoon who challenges her first musical ‘My Love by My Side’ has humbly expressed, “Even without me, seniors will make this musical amazing too.”

She followed, “My charm is that I’m powerful and that I show lots of energy on stage. Isn’t that an advantage?”, as she laughed.

Hong JiMin who works with her on the musical gave praises, “Jeon JiYoon does well on stage, and she’s a friend that’s very easygoing. Although I was worried that we won’t blend in together, but she has even become a friend just like that. She’s friendly and goes very well with other actors.”

Also, “She’s always the first who comes for practice and gave her greetings well. Although I’m her mother in this musical,  it’s as if I’m her mother (in real life) too,” showing their close relationship among juniors and seniors.

Meanwhile, ‘My Love by My Side’ will held its performances from December 11th till January 20th of 2013.

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Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News 


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