[TV Daily] 4minute Nam JiHyun’s 3 Aegyo Sets, Reason to “Popular Girl”

4minute Nam JiHyun’s 3 Aegyo Sets have become a topic.

On the 2nd episode broadcast of real date story tvN ‘The Romantic & Idol’ last 18th,  Nam JiHyun has attracted rapid heartbeats from male fans with her 3 sets of aegyo ‘eyesmile’, ‘aing’, and ‘wink’.

While selecting her couple through song choices, Nam JiHyun has shown 3 sets of aegyo, which are soon to be the main attraction. As she frustrates whether to choose it or not, JiHyun asked for hint from the producers, and even tried to persuade him (or her) with her half-moon eyesmile. “Aing, Please” as she shakes her body cutely. She even showed her charms through a cute wink.

In the end, Nam JiHyun has chosen the same song choice as Jun.K and both of them had become a couple. Nam JiHyun has received likes from all the male idols on the show, and once again, she has proved her pride as the ‘popular girl’.

Netizens who saw Nam JiHyun’s 3 set of aegyo commented, “I wonder what happened to the producer who received Nam JiHyun’s 3 set aegyo”, “My heart beats when I see Nam JiHyun’s 3 aegyo sets. The more you look at Nam JiHyun, the more charms there are”, “I understand the reason why male idols fall for her. As a girl myself, she’s really cute”, “Who is the guy in Nam JiHyun’s heart?” and various more reactions were seen.

Meanwhile, the 3rd episode that will be broadcast on the 25th, Nam JiHyun who received attention from all the male idols will be revealing her true feelings. The story to an unexpected couple that is soon to be born through their date on Jeju Island is about to be unfold.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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