[Osen] Musical ‘My Love by My Side’ 4minute Jeon JiYoon, “I’m a Blessed Person”

Idol group 4minute Jeon JiYoon has expressed her devotion in this musical as a rookie musical actress.

On the 21st 3pm, at the press conference of ‘My Love by My Side’, towards the question for her as the youngest on the show, Jeon JiYoon replied, “To be able to participated in a show with good songs, I felt like I’m blessed” and, “I’ve prepared way beyond what I can say. All the actors and staffs have worked hard on it. I’ve learnt a lot while trying my first musical,” she expressed.

Also, “Seniors, and this musical, every aspect of it are great, there is nothing but improvements to be learnt (by me)” and, “To those who comes to watch this musical, you will fall in love, and those who are already in love, I think you will be able to spend a warmer winter,” expressing her thoughts about the musical.

Musical ‘My Love by My Side’ will be holding its performance from December 11th to January 20th of the following year.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Osen


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